Dear Caller, from October 2019, calls to 070 numbers have ceased. The Chatstation is now using ordinary landline numbers (typically 0207 and 0208).

For this reason, we are now offering access to our service at only 50p a minute which can be paid via a credit or debit card (all except American Express currently).

You can buy your minutes and use them when you like and just top up when you run out. Once you have completed your purchase of minutes, you’ll receive an 8 digit PIN to use when you dial the services listed on our web page.

*A safer way to use our service

To continue, please choose the desired amount of credit, enter your email address and the number of the phone you’ll be using (purely for Administrative purposes). You will then be forwarded to our payment partner to purchase the selected minutes.

Once you have your 8 digit PIN, you can dial the person’s number you wish to speak to. You should then enter the 8 digit PIN AFTER the message has finished. Your credit will only start to be used once your call has been answered. If your call is not answered, you will have your full credit allowance to use the next time you call.
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